Alquema Short Collare Coat



The new addition of our Short Collare Coat is reminiscent of a mini waterfall. The beautiful pleated folds created within the chiffon material make it an easy-to-wear Alquema piece perfectly paired with the Short Estrella Dress.

  • Style Number: AC3072
  • 100% Chiffon, man made fibre
  • Care Instructions: Wash by hand with cold water. Flat dry your Alquema and please do not tumble dry or apply any heat.
    We recommend washing by hand or in cold or cool water (30 degrees maximum) with a dash of mild, natural detergent. To dry, lay the garment flat and leave in a shaded area. Once dry, store your garment in a cool, dry place. Hanging such garments for long periods of time may cause stretching at the shoulders and neck.

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Forest Ombre


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