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Spring Fashion Trends for 2019

Black Blazers

The allure of a well-tailored blazer wasn’t lost on designers in Paris Fashion Week 2019 —specifically, timeless versions in black topped the popularity list. Wear one with jeans for an updated daily look.


Washed Out Denim

From acid to tie-dye, washed-out denim will be everywhere this Spring!

washed out jeans voluptuary style

Polka Dots

Forget the stripes, polka dots are making a comeback in 2019. Remember Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman?

polka dots trends fashio 2019

Wild Prints

Along with florals and polka dots, print has emerged as one of next season’s biggest trends. Anything goes with this one. Think: logos, digital graphics, kaleidoscopic, and kitschy.

leopard print

Bold Colors

On the other end of the spectrum, loud, saturated color remained a critical trend in Paris. Its accompanying styling tip from designers was clear: Wear it head to toe, or don’t bother.

bold red pants

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